Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am Bucky.

I started riding a motorcycle in late 2007, in my fifth decade of life.

I had always been interested in riding, but the closest I had gotten previously was on a mini bike that my brother and I built from scratch when I was sixteen years old. It had a cast iron Briggs & Stratton model 6 engine built in 1952 that put out less than three horsepower. Nevertheless, I rode it -- much of the time at full throttle -- for many enjoyable miles over the next three years or so. It was licensed as a motorcycle. The last year it was licensed was 1970, and eventually it was relegated to the garage. I still had it until the summer of 2008 when I sold it to a boy who used his birthday money to buy it.

The adjacent pictures show the bike after it was repainted a few years ago. The frame is electrical conduit. The handlebars, wheels and a few other items were purchased. Note the neat dual exhaust. That was my brother's idea. The old fashioned exposed rope starter drum is also a bit of a hazard to the rider's ankle!

About the same time it was repainted, I bought a carburetor rebuild kit from the local lawn mower repair shop. It was readily available, and fit perfectly, making the engine run like new. That is saying something for an engine that is fifty-six years young!


That was the first chapter in the saga.


Ryan said...

That little bike is WAY cool. That is neat that you sold it to the neighbor kid for his b-day money. A co-worker just sold my oldest son Cody, age 12, a 1970 Mercury Cougar for $1.00! Runs & drives. I hope I can do these things someday.

Anonymous said...

remember riding with you on the two wheelers all over the place even cross the tracks into Ottawa Hills. Perhaps it wouldn't be wise for us to ride together on the motorbikes remembering how we collided with each other all the time! Actually only once or twice i think.Those were fun times weren't they.? Mark

AtlasRider said...

Hey Bucky!

Looking forward to reading more about your rides! I threw a link to your blog on my blog roll too.