Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Use for an Old Motorcycle Helmet

I have a Shoei helmet that was new many years ago. I wore it a few times when I first started riding, before I bought a new helmet. The lining is worn, and the face shield is scratched, I am sure the energy absorbing materials have lost their ability, but the outside still looks presentable.

I am not inclined, by nature, to get rid of anything that has any utility left in it. So, the dilemma: What to do with this fine helmet?

I think I have found a good use for it -- as a picture frame in my office.

I took a snapshot of the bike, printed it on nice glossy paper, and attached it inside the face shield. My picture-helmet resides in my office now as a conversation piece and as a way to remind me that there may be a ride coming up in the evening or on the weekend that will take my mind off the trials of the business world.

...and it sure beats discarding a perfectly good [looking] helmet.


irondad said...

Good idea. I have the same dilemma. Since there was a reason I replaced it, I hate to pass it on to anyone. It also seems a shame to put it in a landfill. Might be interesting to do a post asking what other folks do with theirs.

. said...

Here are some other uses of an old helmet, from the On Two Wheels blog: