Monday, March 2, 2009


This morning we awoke to about three inches of snow, deposited on ice formed after heavy rain yesterday. We needed the rain desperately, so we are thankful for that...and the snow was like a gift of diamonds and pearls to feast the eyes on. I took a few shots outside before dawn. The white spots are snowflakes illuminated by the flash.

The snow and ice were also welcomed by school-age kids: No school!

Snow in South Carolina virtually paralyzes
us. There is no snow removal equipment to speak of, and salt is hardly used. Most drivers have no conception about handling an automobile in slippery conditions. Sand is scattered on the road in places, particularly in the mountains. Motorcyclists especially must watch for residual sand when riding during the winter.

Alas, the fine Ninja motorcycle has to sit forlornly
waiting in the garage, peeking around the corner. There is no letting it out of the barn today.

Hmmmm. ...but maybe with a set of snow tires....

The snow and ice mostly melted later in the day, and temperatures are to be in the 70s by this coming Saturday. Now
that will be a good day to ride.

Talking about snow tires, I found this item for diehard winter motorcyclists:

I don't think I would risk riding in snow even then.


Occidental man said...

Finally got time to read some more of your travels. I want to get the Bonnie over there to experience some of that beautiful country. It doesn't surprise me the only biker on the road to the falls was an "alien" from northern Ohio! Forty degrees is cold on a bike! Bucky, be careful you might just turn into a writer. A career change lurking.

irondad said...

70's? We're having a low of 27 tonight and barely into the 40's for the next few days. You better get out and ride! :)

Ryan said...

I would MUCH rather studd a tire than use those chain-type things. I used to love runnin' my dirtbike on the ice up N.