Saturday, August 6, 2011


It has certainly been hot lately.  ...and the humidity in South Carolina tends to be high, about 50% when it is this hot. 

Rain can occur most afternoons as well, sometimes light, sometimes heavy and laced with lightning.  It usually makes the humidity worse after the rain, if the sun comes out again.

Sweat tends to stay with you rather than evaporate.  Nevertheless, I have been out riding -- in the usual full gear, albeit perforated for some cooling.  It helps to keep moving, but at a hundred degrees, the wind is not very refreshing, and the bike radiator seems to funnel its rejected heat right on my legs.  

How about you?  

How hot is too hot to ride?

Do you throw caution to the wind and dress down? 



rc5695 said...

Too hot for street...above 95-100 I guess... Since I commute, I ride whatever I have to to get home. If it is over 95 degrees on a Sat. afternoon, chances are extremely thin that I'll just take off for a ride.

As for throwing caution to the wind, that all depends on how I'm riding. I'll put my jacket in my tailbag for hte hot ride home from work, but I'm only running through town and travelling at speeds less than 60 mph, averaging about 30 mph. If I'm headed into the mountains to hit some twisties and plan to ride more aggressivly, I'll don the perforated leathers and wear a sweat-wicking shirt underneath (like UnderArmor), which helps greatly! If it is over 90 and I'm just cruising, it'll probably just be in a T-shirt. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wear my helmet, gloves, and boots --- no matter what the temp!

irondad said...

I agree with the above. If it's around a hundred I'll ride to commute but not for recreation. I never ride without jacket or riding pants. The 'Stich has great venting.. The one concession I have to make is to open my visor. At that heat I feel like I can't breathe with it down.

bluekat said...

You guys are sure getting cooked in your area. Here in the northwest we are unseasonably cool. Frankly I find it perfect. I think the warmest I've ever ridden is mid to upper 90's, and probably much less humidity than what you have. I thought that was pretty warm. Hope things cool down in your neck of the woods!