Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day Ride

Since we don't have little kids around any more, Christmas morning is not the time for present opening.  Instead, and before my wife arises, I have a chance to get out for a little ride! 

It is mid-40s in temperature and misting when I start out, but I persevere, and ride easy roads to the south of home.  I go to Williamston, as I did a couple of Christmases ago to see whether their Christmas display in Mineral Springs Park is up this year.  It is.

This one was constructed by the Anderson SC Career Center Construction Technology students.  A little village of houses and a church. 

This one is by the Christian Motorcyclists Association Springwater Disciples.  It shows the real meaning of the Christmas holiday

This one does too -- the birth of Jesus Christ, who, if you believe he is the Son of God, can get you into heaven later on.   

Christ later died on a cross so that can happen.  He is a solid rock to stand on. 

Have a Merry Christmas. 

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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year

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