Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Where do you think this picture was taken? 
  • Chicago?  
  • Toledo?
  • Alaska?
  • Siberia?
  • Antarctica?
  • South Carolina?

If you guessed any but South Carolina, you are wrong.  We have gotten hit again with the fluffy -- or not so fluffy -- white stuff.  Must have been meant for Chicago. Yea, that's it. 

Since I have not recently been to Chicago, I instead took a walk while it was coming down.  Sleet, now, actually.  Over the 3+ inches of snow.  ...and more to come tonight. 

Here is my little old friend Ronald sitting on the bike, waiting for the next ride. 

Enjoy the scenery and the kids playing in it with sleds that seldom get any use.

A little creek.

A future Olympian luger.

A dad, with his children.

Pretty to look at, and fun to play in, but it is supposed to be up in the mid-60s by the weekend.  Hurray! 

Motorcycle weather, maybe.  We'll see. 

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