Saturday, November 15, 2014

T'was Like Riding in a Windy Freezer Today!

I went for a ride today, as is my usual routine for a Saturday, but boy, it was like riding in a freezer with a wind machine turned to high just for good measure.  

Here in South Carolina, it doesn't get below freezing very often, and this is awfully early to have it.

I suspected it was pretty cold, so I peeked out the back door at the thermometer, and sure enough, it was chilly.  Frosty.  Wintry.  Cold.  Frigid.  Glacial.  Arctic.  Gelid.  Hyperboreal.  Siberian. 

Look at the thermometer for yourself: 

25 degrees!  There has not been any rain, so there shouldn't be any ice spots.  Just have to watch for slippery leaves.   So, what to do? 


What else? 

I bundled up as I usually do when it is cold, and went up to Table Rock State Park and on some surrounding roads.  Was I cold?  After all, this is about the coldest I have ever ventured out on the bike, and the wind was quite gusty. 

My insulated gear along with my Respro Foggy helmet insert to keep my shield and glasses from fogging, my heated grips, and my handlebar muffs all served me well.  Just my neck got a little chilly, and after about the 40th mile, my toes were beginning to get cold as well.  

The leaves are about all turned brown now, but there is a little color left and the sky was crystal clear. 
View of Table Rock from the Lake Oolenoy parking lot. 

View of Table Rock from the lodge. 
That is a 1973 Volkswagen bus.

Table Rock.

I saw two sport touring guys and one little scooter out, too.  All of them waved, including the scooter guy, which is unusual.  We had a certain unity, being intrepid riders out on the coldest day yet this season.

I only rode about 65 miles, but it was good to get out, even if it was a cold day.  

How cold is too cold for you to get out?  

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