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The Issues and What is at Stake -- Study This Now.


You might have noticed some problems with a few things. 

Like these, maybe:
  • Your employer isn’t giving you raises as often as you would like,
  • You or many of your friends are either out of work or can’t find full time employment,
  • Your food costs are much higher than they used to be, 
  • Your health insurance costs have skyrocketed, both in premium and in higher deductibles and copays,
  • People are moving in nearby who are not citizens and who are taking your jobs and sucking from the welfare system at taxpayer expense.
Well, all of these problems are because of bloated government.  They want to control everything you do and take as much of your wealth from you as possible. 

The answer?  Conservatism.  What does that mean?  Look here.    

And, just what are some components of conservatism, you ask?  Look here: 
  • Free enterprise (Allowing, and encouraging, every individual to have a fair choice on how to spend his money ‑‑ whether to save it, spend it for the kid’s education, start a business, or buy what you want.) Did you know that Millennials are starting more businesses than the baby-boomer generation did? They sure could use that money the government is sucking away from them to start those businesses, because they know better what to do with it that some bureaucrat in Washington,
  • Limited government.  The federal government should ONLY do the things the Constitution states that it has responsibility for, and NOTHING MORE.  Everything else is to be left to the states or to individuals like you and me,   (See the footnote at the end of this posting under "United States Constitution.")
  • Individual freedom,  
  • Traditional American values, and a
  • Strong national defense.  One of the only things the federal government is a responsibility of doing. 
While we are discussing government, there is a strong tie-in to economics.  It is important to have a basic understanding of that as well.  Here is an easy-to-understand econ 101 video. 

Now lets delve into the differences between our two major political parties. 

Specific issues where the two parties differ:  



All graphics here and below are used without permission
from DECISION magazine, September 2016 issue. 

The Supreme Court one of the most important differences.  The next president will likely appoint several Supreme Court Justices.  The function of the court is to interpret the law, not make new law -- that is for the legislative branch to so.  Supreme Court justices are supposed to be non-partisan, but the Democrats always appoint people who don't interpret, but instead, bend laws to suit the Democrat's purposes at the time.  This is dangerous, because the Democrat-appointed justices always vote to take away our freedoms.

If you favor killing babies, turning in your firearms (2nd amendment to the Constitution), being unable to say what you want to without being censored (1st amendment to the Constitution), losing more of your freedoms, having higher taxes, and being required to buy health care insurance lest you be fined, then vote Democrat across the board -- top to bottom.

If you are more interested in some crass, stupid remark made by a Republican than you are about the future of our country, then vote Democrat.

If you favor killing babies that are old enough to live outside the womb, selling their parts, and doing it all using your tax dollars, then vote Democrat. 

If you are for letting more illegal immigrants into our country to take your jobs, then voter Democrat.

If you are for letting -- no bringing in by the busload -- immigrants who are military age, who will not assimilate into our culture, and will blow up innocent people in acts of terror, then vote Democrat. 

Effective military forces are all male, and as nearly all heterosexual as possible for a reason.  That reason is that they must not be distracted from their appointed task of killing our enemies and keeping us safe from harm on the home front.  If you think homosexuals should be part of our fighting forces, that our men in uniform should have to worry not only about fighting our battles, but about whether another soldier might be coming on to them in a foxhole, then vote Democrat everywhere you can. 

If you think that despotic regimes in the Middle East should have nuclear weapons they can use on our only alloy in that region Israel, and that can be used on Europe, then vote for all the Democrats you can find on the ballot. 


Here are the Democrat and Republican Party Platforms -- the things each party stands for: 


The Democrats want you to pay for abortions. 

The Democrats believe that LGBT is just the beginning.  Next up will be marrying your mother/daughter/sister/dog/horse/computer/etc. because "everyone should be allowed to love how and who they want."  The Democrats want nothing to do with a marriage between one man and one woman. 

Democrats will further tell us there is "separation of church and state" that protects government from churches.  Instead, the Constitution protects churches from being restricted by government.  If you want everything religious to be removed from our culture, then vote Democrat.  By the way, the founders of this country were almost all religious people. 

If you want our Constitution, one of our bedrock founding documents, to be bent, shaped, contorted, and trampled upon, then vote for anyone with a D by his name.  That Constitution details the intended limited function of government, and the freedoms it affords us as citizens. 

Taking more and more money out of national defense so that ships, planes, and other equipment can barely be kept in service, cutting pay and benefits to our fighting men, and providing second-rate care to military veterans is the way of the Democrats.  If you want our defense to be further weakened, then vote for them.  But remember that national defense is one of the only legitimate functions of the federal government. 

Pull the lever for the Democrats if you think we can defeat an enemy that wants to annihilate us, by talking nice to them...even as they have their weapons at the ready and aimed directly at us.

If you think that foreign countries want the LGBT agenda forced on them, even though they have strongly said they don't and even though some of them throw LGBTs off rooftops, then vote for the first Democrat you see on that piece of paper in the voting booth. 

If you want those Muslim military-age men flowing over the border and setting up terror cells, then make sure you encourage others to vote Democrat.  After they do, tell them that you hope that their children's school, or a theater, or a marathon finish line, or some other place where civilians assemble doesn't get blown up. 

The Democrats just gave away control of the Internet.  Now, the last place that has been mostly a free speech zone is threatened with censoring.  Vote Democrat for more of the same. 

If you want to pay more taxes to support those who buy steaks with food stamps while you struggle to put hamburger on the table, then bring on the Democrats.  One in five families now have no one in the workforce, mostly because of Democrat welfare programs, government rules and regulations, and the Obamacare insurance mandate.  You are supporting them. 

If you think it isn't right to execute the worst criminals, and want them to live out their lives without a care in the world, getting free food, health care, and everything else, then punch your ballot for the Democrats.  ...and if you want to continue to let lesser criminals out of prison so they can commit crimes against you again, do the same. 

If you want police officers to be required to talk the guns out of the hands of criminals instead of shooting them, then go for the Democrats. ...but don't be surprised if the police are very reluctant to come to your rescue if a bad guy has a gun drawn on you some day. 

If you want us to forsake the only Democracy and our only ally in the Middle East, Israel, then vote for the Democrat. 


The Democrats want us to continue to pay high oil prices even though we have more reserves in the United States than they have in the Middle East -- that place where we want to abandon our only ally, and have given billions of dollars to unstable and hostile countries there to develop nuclear weapons.  What do you suppose they want those weapons for?  To make electricity so they don't have to burn their oil?  I don't think so.  And that pipeline they want to build here in the U.S. has been repeatedly blocked by guess who -- the Democrats -- for the sole reason of not giving an abundant, low cost source of our own energy, that is independent of the Middle East. 

Does your bike have a corroded fuel tank or fuel system?  Thank the Democrats, who insist that our gasoline be contaminated with lower-energy-content ethanol.  They say it is for making our energy source "renewable."  Well, using food -- corn -- to make fuel that is inferior to straight gasoline makes food prices higher for the entire world.  Making the ethanol takes more energy than it might ever save, too.  Stupid, again, but vote for more of this in your favorite Democrat if you insist. 

Another ruse put over on us by the Democrats is  Global Warming  Climate Change  Carbon Pollution.  They have evolved the name of this mythical “problem” that almost everyone now believes is real.  Carbon dioxide is not, and never will be a toxic pollutant.  It is required for healthy plant growth, in fact.  The real problem is that whatever this is called, it is a falsehood…and it is costing us billions of dollars to combat something that is of no real consequence, and billions more dollars sent to foreign lands supposedly because of our polluting of the air.  Read about it here. 


One of the most important elections of our lifetimes is coming up November 8, 2016. 

If Republicans don’t win the White House and hold the House and Senate, then the country is doomed.  You and I – and our children and grandchildren – will never know the prosperity and freedoms our country was founded to provide. 

Even if you don’t like either presidential candidate, realize that we absolutely know that Clinton will continue, and worsen: The corrosive, divisive, costly policies of Obama.  With Trump, there is some uncertainty about what he would do in situations that are presented to him as president, but he would be infinitely better than Clinton because he is political outsider.  

Also, when you vote, be sure you don’t vote out of office those others on the political spectrum clear down to dog catcher, who are conservative, and mostly Republicans and Tea Party candidates.  If we lose them, the country is as good as lost, too. 

Are the Republicans perfect?  Absolutely not.  Some are almost as bad as the Democrats I have so glowingly spoken of above.

But they are a far superior alternative to the Democrats.

We have no more chances to save our country.

VOTE, but vote for Republicans, not Democrats. 

And after the election, don't stop.  Write to them and call them with instructions on what to do.  Like this basic list:
  • Cut taxes
  • Cut regulations
  • Eliminate Obamacare
  • Cut spending
  • Close the borders
  • Reduce the size of government
  • Go after terrorists with a vengeance
  • Stop political control of the IRS, the EPA, the CDC, and other agencies. 

  • United States Constitution -- the document that contains the fundamental laws governing the United States of America.  The only powers granted to the federal government in the constitution are as follows:
    • To collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. 
    • To borrow money.
    • To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states. 
    • To establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States. 
    • To coin money.
    • To establish post offices and post roads. 
    • To provide patent protection for inventors. 
    • To constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court;
    • To define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas. 
    • To declare war. 
    • To raise and support armies. 
    • To provide and maintain a navy.
    • To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution. 
    • and, importantly, the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.   

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