Friday, November 10, 2017

Remember a Vet Today -- and Always


For 98 years, Americans have remembered those who served our country in uniform on 11 November – first as Armistice Day, and then, since 1954, as Veterans Day.

Here are some pictures of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall that I visited on the bike today, though I couldn't get close enough for a picture of the bike and the monument together.

Lots of kids were there. 
I hope their teachers are telling them the
truth about our brave men who fought there.

Bucky reflecting on one of the panels
of names of those killed.

There were quite a few of these strange things with too
many wheels (except for the nearest one, that is). 

Actually, this is a display of the half-size version of the Wall that has been touring the country for over thirty years.  It is at the Blue Ridge Electric Coop garage on SC-123 just west of the intersection with SC-11. It will be there though November 13, 2017.

Tell a Vet today -- and every day -- that you appreciate the sacrifices they made for our freedom.

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