Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Quick Test Ride, and A Glamour Shot

As you know if you read the last posting, the weather here in South Carolina has been cold and snowy.  That, however, made for a great time to do some wrenching on the bike.  I take it slow and follow the service manual to help ensure that I don't made a mistake, so the downtime is usually more than for a crack mechanic.  I also like to test tings after I think I am done, just in case I have committed a blooper. 

So last Thursday I ventured out in cool, clear, and dry conditions to do just that.  The roads up to Whitewater Falls are good ones with sweepers that are usually clean, so that's the way I went.  There wasn't much traffic, so I could move along at a good clip.  After a tour of the Falls parking lot, I diverted onto the Wigington Byway to the overlook on Lake Jocassee and the other lakes to its south.

Here is the view, first of the crystal clear sky as a background to the old girl that had recently undergone some internal work and some external cleanup... 

Pretty girl, eh?
...then a panorama of the view from the overlook.

Click image for a larger view. 
Everything on the bike seemed to be working fine after the surgery, so I must have done it right.  The serviced items should be good for several more miles now. 

...and I thoroughly enjoyed the test ride, too.  

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