Monday, March 22, 2010

A Black Day is Coming Very Soon

Readers, a black day is coming, one that will fundamentally change our country. I'm talking about health care "reform." The House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President are moving rapidly to pass legislation that two-thirds of the American people are against. This legislation is extraordinarily damaging to our country.

It will cause:
  • Government takeover of one-sixth of the free market economy
  • Higher costs for health care
  • Treatment decisions controlled by government bureaucrats instead of doctors
  • Rationing of health care
  • Funding of immoral abortion
  • Loss of freedom
  • Doctors leaving practice due unreasonable limits on fees
  • Stifled drug research and greatly reduced innovation in medical procedures
This is a power grab by Socialists, plain and simple. They believe fervently in Socialism. They further believe that its failure wherever it has been tried is because they have not yet been given the opportunity to try it their way. That is patently untrue. Socialism chokes economic viability, strangles jobs, and strips a people of their freedoms. ...and it will do so here in our United States as well.

This legislation will bankrupt our country, even to the point where there will be no funds left for national defense. We will lose everything our forefathers fought and died for.

Folks, there is a very black day coming. Our precious freedoms are being taken away without a single shot having been fired. The voters who elected these Socialist legislators have a fundamental misunderstanding about limited government and the contents of the United States Constitution -- the true source of our freedoms and prosperity.

If there ever was a time, it is now for you to get conservatives out en mass. The next elections are likely to be corrupt, tilting the tables further to the left. We must speak out forcefully, then vote these Socialists out, and replace them with those who will uphold our Constitution.

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