Friday, March 19, 2010

Odd Sights I've Seen

Paying strict attention to your surroundings when riding a motorcycle is vital to survival, as Dan Bateman, otherwise known as Irondad, frequently writes in his blog called Musings of an Intrepid Commuter.

When I am out riding, I also try to be observant of the landscape and sights, though not at the expense of hazard vigilance.

Some of these sights -- a few that might be classified as odd -- have appeared in my previous postings, such as the giant rocking chair and pumpkin at the Pumpkintown Mountain Opry House, rhinoceroses, and a bank safe on the move. Others have not appeared for one reason or another, mostly because there isn't enough of a story to tell about them individually.

I aim to rectify that right now by posting some disparate photos of a few odd things I have seen along the roads of upstate South Carolina, western North Carolina, and eastern Georgia.


This homeowner near Easley South Carolina apparently had some difficulty following a sightline when he erected his new fence, though perhaps he was simply expressing his artistic license.

The fence is only a few months old, so it has not simply fallen into disrepair.

This sign nearby advertises trees for sale just down the road. I hope the trees are not droopy like the letters of the sign.

By the way, do you think there are enough signs at this intersection? A few more would be esthetically pleasing, don't you think?


How this hot dog got to the top of Paris Mountain in Greenville South Carolina early on a drizzly, cold, December morning is a mystery. Maybe some kids were partying late the night before. I wonder why a bird or animal hadn't gobbled it down already.

The view of Greenville from the hot dog site.

Here is a picture of the unused fire tower on the mountain for all you tower buffs.


I spotted this aerodynamic Honda Civic while riding near Marietta South Carolina. Here are photos by the owner before modification, during, and after.

It is owned by Basjoos whose real name is Mike Turner. He is a 54-year-old from Marietta South Carolina. He has made various attachments to make it more aerodynamic. He also uses economical driving techniques to coax maximum mileage from a gallon of gasoline.

We could stand to (re)learn those economical driving techniques. Few drivers today know or practice them. Two to remember:
  • press the accelerator as though you have an egg between it and your shoe
  • let off the gas in anticipation of a stoplight to reduce the use of brakes and idling time
Mr Turner also has an interest in the culture of bamboo, apparently.


Some mischievous students of Clemson University in South Carolina probably modified the wording on this sign. I think the agent meant to show the price range of homes and condos.


This must be a modest spread.

I'll post more odd sights as they appear in my travels. I hope you enjoyed these tidbits.

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bluekat said...

I'm surprised the hot dog has gone uneaten as well, but maybe the wildlife are smarter than us humans with regards to "food". The tower is a really interesting structure. I'd love to climb up to the top. The Realtor sign - that's too funny (although, probably not to the Realtor)!

Very enjoyable, gave me a good chuckle - Thanks! :)