Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Odd Sights I've Seen

Here are some more photos of a few odd and miscellaneous things I have seen along the roads of upstate South Carolina, western North Carolina, and eastern Georgia. They don't warrant a full story writeup, but a short blurb suffices.


The most recent of these is this possibly vintage Porsche. I believe it may be an RS-60 or similar, built for racing. Or it could be a kit car replica. I saw it in Hendersonville North Carolina, parked along the street just like any other mundane vehicle.

This one is not run of the mill, though. It appears pristine, and is a beautiful example of automotive art.

There is not much creature comfort for the driver and his navigator. It is all business. Note the pair of stopwatches for rally timing on brackets inside each door.

Kit car or original, it is an eye catcher.


Here is another automotive head turner, but this one is much more common, except for his vanity license tag.

This was taken at Caesars Head State Park in northern Greenville County South Carolina.

With a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prince of about $75,000, I won't be exchanging my Ninja for one of these very soon.


I wonder whether Tom misses those that are on sale here.

Maybe he is hobbling around somewhere nearby.

This sign is near those others I wrote of last time in Odd Sights I've Seen.


This is something you don't see every day, a large yellow arthropod with a very hard exoskeleton.

Really, it is a Volkswagen Beetle, but it looks a little squished up.

Someone sectioned it lengthwise, and set the two halves back together. The inside is filled with soil, serving as a planter, and the "driver" is this beady-eyed creature.

If you want to go see it, you will find it on East Fork Road, near Big Hill, at Pushpin "C" on this map. Big Hill itself is at Pushpin "D" on the map. I think this is an inspiring photograph of Big Hill, a winding motorcycle road right here. There are lots of them in these parts.

While we're nearby, there is a also a place called the Moon Shine Horse Farm, at Pushpin "B" on the map. Interesting name.


Here is a fellow who apparently wants to protect his ride, but doesn't have a garage to put it in, so he parks on the front porch. It must be a trick to get this big bike up there and back down safely on the narrow piece of lumber on the right edge of the porch.


And here is a warmer view of that lonesome horse from back in February on a snowy day.

He's downright friendly today, and craving attention.

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