Thursday, January 19, 2012

No Riding This Week

I'm not going to ride my Ninja this week.

No, I didn't take a tumble, and it's not the weather.  [Edit 1/23/2012: Well, actually, the weather has been rainy almost since I turned the first wrench on this task.]

Instead, I have work to do.  See what it is? 

Yep.  Time for a valve clearance check.  

What a pain!  You have to remove the seat, tank, air intake box, cylinder head cover, and a host of related brackets and shields.  Only then can you see the cams and valve lifters to check their clearances using a feeler gage set.  

Naturally, some adjustments are needed, so off come the cams and the bucket lifters, and the shims.  Then the micrometer comes out to determine the existing shim thicknesses.  

Then to the service manual table to determine what the new shim thickness should be for the eight valves. 

Next, to the Ron Ayers website to order the shims.  Last time I ordered something from them the service was quick, the phone man was helpful and courteous, and the shipping time was short, even for items not in their stock. 

I'll be cleaning things in the meantime, readying the parts for reassembly.  

Although I have been a grease monkey for most of my life, this is my first time into an engine that uses shims for valve adjustment.  Lots of work to change out some itty bitty parts.  

Oh well.  It is one of the pleasures of owning a motorcycle: Fixing it yourself.  

See you on the road in a few days!  

See also: Valve Clearance Adjustment Tips I learned while doing this work.  


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Charlie6 said...

I dread the day I have to do mine on the V-Strom, such a pain. Much prefer the easy job of valve clearance checks on a Beemer's Boxer engine.....


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