Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zipper Fix

A short while back, I wrote about a rather serious situation where I became trapped under trying circumstances.  I told you, kind reader, about a temporary fix for the fix I was in. 

I have since discovered a better looking, more permanent solution.  It is called Zipper Mend, and is available direct, and from Amazon.  It costs about $3.99 for one, but it is still much less expensive than replacing the zipper entirely. 

The replacement zipper pull is made of two zinc die castings that are hinged together.
You squeeze the two parts together, which causes the claws to close through the zipper slide.  A detent locks the two castings together so they don't reopen.  You can Super Glue the two together, but don't drip any on the zipper teeth or you really will be stuck!

The claw part is a little thick, causing the dog in the zipper that prevents it from slipping down from engaging fully.  The zipper sometimes slides down as a result.  Not a huge problem, though.  



1 comment:

irondad said...

I've always used little key rings. Maybe it's time to do it more professionally. Thanks for the tip!