Friday, September 26, 2014

Pretty Place to Visit

There is a pretty place I have found.  In fact, it is referred to here as Pretty Place -- actually the Symmes Chapel at the YMCA Camp Greenville, whose entrance is about 2.7 miles north of Caesars Head on US-276, almost at the North Carolina state boundary line. 

You wind your way into the camp on Soloman Jones Road from 276 for about 5 miles, partly in North Carolina, but returning to South Carolina along the way.  The road gets narrow and mostly unmarked, so use some caution.  There is considerable traffic when weddings or camps are going on, especially on weekends. 

Many weddings are held in the chapel at the end of the road, but if there is one scheduled, there will be a hand-lettered sign on the right side of the road so indicating, at the lake, a bit more than 4 miles from the main road.

The chapel, built in 1941, is a pleasant spot to relax and enjoy the view while you are out on the bike.  (There are restrooms during the warm seasons.  Whew.)

View from inside the chapel. 

A much prettier picture of the view was captured by my friend Fred in the fall of 2010:
Photo courtesy of Fred
It is indeed a pretty place.  Other great pictures can be found on the 'net

On the way back home, I stop for a few minutes at Caesars Head.  The short walk to the overlook finds a sizable group of people watching for falcons, but I manage to shoot a panorama of the valley.  That mountain in the center above the lake is the back side of Table Rock Mountain.  You can see the far side very well from Table Rock State Park.

The road down the escarpment to the south of Caesars Head is very twisty, but can be fun when there isn't too much traffic.  Going up is easier, as usual

Here is the route from Caesars Head, at Pushpin A, to the camp turnoff at Soloman Jones Road, Pushpin B.  The sign for weddings will at C, and Pretty Place is at D.
Click here for an interactive map
Come visit Pretty Place and be inspired. 

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