Thursday, October 30, 2014

Serious Business of Liberty

This guy,

is putting us in grave danger.  He is out there ignoring explicit threats to our freedom on our own soil.  He tells us we are safe. 

We are not. 

There are MANY people out to get us.  They are both here in America and in other places in the world.  A significant number of them have U.S. passports or passports from other nations that have free access to the United States. 

Beheadings are not just a Middle East happening, they have reached to our own soil now. 

They are the radical Islamists and their stated goal is to fly their black flag over our White House.

They are actively recruiting people in our country to destroy our way of life here.  

...and what does our leader do?  Golfs.  Vacations.  Fund raises.  Ignores the reality of U.S. citizens already being killed.  Tells us that he has conquered terrorism. 

What is he waiting for?  This? 

Vote Republican and Tea Party in November.  

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