Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bold Canadian Whizkid Bicyclists

April 27, 2015

I went for a very short ride today that included US-178 between Pickens, SC and SC-11.  This is the stretch that has lots of sweepers in it.  When I got to the Holly Springs Baptist Church at SC-288, I spotted some of the Canadian bicyclists who practice on the hills of our state while it is still too cold and snowy to practice in Canada.  It was in the 70s here today, but was only 48 degrees in London Ontario where they may be from, for example.   They were unmistakable, wearing their maple leaf-emblazoned outfits.  

I saw some other Canadian bicyclists a few weeks ago on US-276 while on my way to the Blue Ridge Parkway.   

This group had parked in the church lot and they were preparing their bikes for the ride.  So far, so good. 

I also spotted three of them walking across 178 to a grassy place. 

OK.  I admit that I have had to use the facilities and camouflage of nature on occasion when nature calls me when out riding. 

But what I didn't expect to see today was that one of them stopped with his behind even with the edge of the road, and began to take a whiz.  Right there, with cars going by and me turning back toward Pickens.

The other two guys at least went 30 feet off the pavement to a line of bushes.  They didn't go behind the bushes, mind you, but at least they were a little further away from the road to handle their business.

I didn't know Canadian cyclists were so bold.  Maybe the boldest of the three doesn't have much to show for himself.

C'mon, Canada guys.  Have a little respect for us.  Enjoy our roads, but do your thing a little more discreetlyBesides, public urination will get you a citation in South Carolina. 


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