Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget! ...and Much More to Come

We must never forget what Islamist terrorists did to us in 2001.  

They are growing stronger and our political leadership continues to studiously ignore and deny the danger. 

Think it was just isolated to 9/11/2001?  

Think again.

 Here is an interactive graphic that shows all of the 73 terrorist attacks and threats since 9/11.  

 "This graphic does not include activities that are merely linked to terrorism, such as traveling abroad to join a terrorist organization.  Each plot requires some threat directed at the U.S. homeland. Additionally, to be included, the primary motivation of the terror plot or attack must be a radical Islamist ideology, which supports the use of violence as a means to achieve the long-run objective of imposing Islamic law." 

All were committed by Islamist terrorists, a phrase our president refuses to use. 

If you have forgotten the devastation on our own soil of the 9/11 attacks, look here for a short review.   The blood shed by over 3000 people is not visible in the photos. 

Want to see what some citizens just like you and me did on that day to fight the terrorists firsthand?  Look here  

We must stand strong against these terrorists and our sympathetic politicians forever and always, lest the freedom of this greatest country on earth be lost forever. 

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