Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Road of Never-Ending Curves

Look at that title again. 

Roll it around on your tongue a few times. 

Let it enter your deepest consciousness. 

Sounds like a motorcyclist's dream, huh?

Well, there is such a place, named by that fellow, Stretch on the Carolina Rider Forum.  When he was describing the Fields of the Wood Bible Park for the forum tag game back in October of 2011, he also told us about a nearby road that he called the Road of Never-Ending Curves near Murphy, NC. 

Well, when I was up there a few weeks ago, I found the road he was talking about.  Unfortunately, it was raining rather hard when I started down that road, so I had to take it slower than if it were dry and had good visibility.  I'm not too fast anyway, but that day I was especially cautious. 

Nevertheless, let me tell you about it.

After I leave Fields of the Wood, I ride few miles west, over to the Tennessee state line to say that I had been there, thus upping by a third my vast riding area (that previously had included South and North Carolina, and Georgia).  

Just about a mile east of Fields of the Wood, is Hiawassee Dam Road.  That is Location 1 at the lower left on the map below.  Turn toward the northeast there, the only way you can go from NC-294.  By the way, the name Hiawassee comes from the Cherokee word Ayuhwasi, which means "meadow".  

Click here for Bing interactive map
The road goes down hill and curves around nicely.  There is a side road to the left that leads to the powerhouse, and view of the face of the dam. 

There is small park and picnic area just off the parking lot. 

Rain begins.  Lightly.  It has only been sprinkling before. 

Once I leave the powerhouse and continue on Hiawassee Dam Road, I cross over the dam itself.  Here is a picture Stretch took of the dam from an observation point at the far end of it.

Photo by Stretch
The road continues for about 11 miles to the intersection with Joe Brown Road, to the right.  Hiawassee Dam Road continues straight, but it becomes gravel. 

It is Joe Brown Road that Stretch named Road of Never-Ending Curves.  Look again at the map between Location 2, at the top, and Location 3 in the town of Murphy on the lower right.  That is about 20 miles of nice curves -- one after the other with few straight sections.  The scale of the map doesn't do the curves justice.  Click the link beneath the map to view an interactive map that you can enlarge to better see the curvaceous details.  Even then, the real thing is curvier than the map appears. 

From what I can tell in the rain (which has become heavier) the pavement varies from fair to good.  The traffic is very light today. There are surprisingly few driveways and intersecting roads. 

Stretch says, "...this ride alone makes the trip worthwhile. There is no dirt riding on the road of never ending curves: This loop is paved the entire way back to... Murphy, NC.  When in doubt turn right."    

I'll have to go back when the weather is dry to enjoy the Road of Never-Ending Curves more.  See what you think next time you go up that way. 

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