Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This Could Have Ended It All

I survived. 

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It was on US-178, north of SC-11, April 16.  About here on the map:  

Around 4.2 miles north of SC-11, at "B" on this map:

Click here for larger map.

The road was clear. The weather was good.  The curve was not too tight.  I had my GoPro recording. 

Somebody in a chocolate brown VW Vanagon must've thought his side was on the left of the double yellow line. 

Or maybe he was drunk.  Or high.  Or texting.  Or something. 

See for yourself, especially at about 1:45: 

Here are some stills taken from the video. 
Nice curve.  Going pretty slow.
Look just right and above center, peeping out from the motorcycle cowling. 
I could see him coming before the camera could. 

Oh, oh.  This doesn't look right.

Getting closer.

And closer.

Totally on the wrong side of the double yellow.
I start a little correction to better avoid him.
I had already moved a little closer to the center of my lane, as I
frequently do when there is an oncoming vehicle. 
I otherwise would have been more to the left of my lane for this curve. 

Still coming.
Completely over the center line.
Totally oblivious to the issue at hand.
He is close enough for me to read his front license
tag, though I wasn't looking at it right then.

I manage to skate by him.
Fortunately, there was room enough between the van and that guardrail.
Notice the rack on top of the van, maybe for a raft or tubes. 

My adrenaline starts pumping big time a couple of minutes later.

Looking back on the incident, I note that I didn't panic.  I didn't chop the throttle.  I didn't slam on the brakes.  I stayed away from both the van and from the guardrail. 

It could have been much worse.  I thank God that it wasn't. 

Can anybody identify this drunk
.                                                     stoner
.                                                      texter
.                                                       idiot
.                                                           ?  

See Update Here.....  


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