Friday, February 3, 2017

Clouds on a Brisk Winter Day

Yesterday, I went out for a few hours of riding.  We can usually ride all winter long here because of the moderate temperatures in South Carolina.

Although we certainly get cold weather, snow, and ice, it is usually gone in a few days, and the roads are once again calling to those who ride on two wheels.

The day's temperature started out in the mid-40s, so I bundled up, started the bike, turned on the grip heaters, and took off for parts unknown.  The weather was overcast when I first went out, so I didn't go anywhere that might otherwise offer a distant view, like the highest point in South Carolina, Sassafras Mountain, or Caesar's Head.

Instead, I just meandered around in the lowlands and headed for Poinsett Bridge.  That is an old stone bridge used by stagecoaches.  I have visited there many times, and it is a picturesque sight.

As I ventured along on my meandering route, I noticed that the clouds were not as gray, and that there were patches of blue scattered about.  Some of the blue was, in fact, brilliant blue.

And the clouds became a panorama of beauty that changed as time passed and as my direction turned.

I could hardly keep my eyes on the road, in fact, for all the sights to be seen in the sky.

See what you think.

Two crescents of blue

But still mostly gray

More blue

And still more

Look at the pattern of those clouds in the center

Looks like billows of cotton

Sand on the road ahead, left over from the recent snow

And another pattern comes into view

What a display!

Following a yellow Goldwing for a while

More variations

Little clumps of clouds

Table Rock beneath the clouds

The water tower in Easley, the town where I live

Low speed practice on an empty court

 I only rode about a hundred miles, but the sky was the best part of the ride today.  

God is certainly a great artist. 

Don't you agree?

More clouds:


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