Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Election is Over -- Now What To Do?


You have seen this logo for BMW, right?

Yes, they make fine machinery, some of which has two wheels.

Well, I have a tee shirt that plays on the logo, but carries a different message.  See?:

I think that is apt for the election just tallied, that turned out better than almost anyone predicted.  

Republicans were elected because almost every one of us has been hurt by the liberal governance we have had for the last six years. 

This guy…

…is in denial, but he himself said that it is his policies that were being voted on. 

Well, we did that, and he lost big time.   You can be sure that he won't give up trying to damage our country and take away our freedoms, but the House of Representatives and the Senate can now present legislation that will correct many of the problems we are facing, caused by failed liberal policies. 

Our work has just begun, however.  Conservatives must now let their elected officials at all levels know what we want them to do. 

Like this basic list:
  • Cut taxes
  • Cut regulations
  • Eliminate Obamacare
  • Cut spending
  • Close the borders
  • Reduce the size of government
  • Go after terrorists with a vengeance
  • Stop political control of the IRS, the EPA, the CDC, and other agencies. 

I would also go so far as to have the Senate and House members conduct a public opinion poll and hold a news conference as each bill is presented to the president, explaining what it contains, what the poll results are, why it is a good thing for the American people, and how it will help get us out of the big-government morass we are in right now. 

When the president vetoes a bill -- as he surely will if it is beneficial to the country -- then hold another news conference to explain why what he did is bad for the American people.

Make the president very publicly accountable for every single bill he stops from becoming law with his vetoes. 


So, how do you find your elected officials so you can tell them what you want them to do?  Go to this website to find out who your legislators are.  

Then, tell them what you want them to do!


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